Canadian Energy Strategy Working Group

Led by the Premiers of Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick, the Canadian Energy Strategy Working Group was first established in 2012 and is composed of provincial and territorial Ministers of Energy.

As owners of natural resources, provinces and territories have an essential role to play in developing Canada as a global leader in energy development, knowledge and technology. This includes ensuring that energy development takes place in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner that includes conservation and efficiency and supports the transition to a lower carbon economy.

At their 2015 Summer Meeting, Premiers finalized the Canadian Energy Strategy, a demonstration of their commitment to strengthening the economy, creating jobs, ensuring a secure supply of energy for all Canadians, supporting energy innovation and addressing climate change. Provincial and territorial governments will collaborate in different ways to pursue initiatives and address energy issues in line with their unique strengths, challenges and priorities.

Implementing an Energy Strategy for Canada
July 17, 2015


Canadian Energy Strategy
July 17, 2015