Steering Committee on Internal Trade

With internal trade valued at $366 billion (or 20% of Canada’s GDP), which has grown by approximately 60% in ten years, Canada’s Premiers recognize that the free flow of people, goods, services and investments across the country supports building stronger economies and strengthens Canada’s economic union. Significant advancements in international trade make it even more important that Canada is effectively positioned to capitalize on opportunities both domestically and internationally. Premiers are committed to working toward an ambitious, balanced and equitable agreement that levels the playing field for trade within Canada.

At their 2014 Summer Meeting, Canada’s Premiers agreed to undertake a comprehensive renewal of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), using the existing AIT and considering the desire to ensure more consistency with modern international trade agreements. Parties will focus early efforts on initial priority areas: Government Procurement, Goods, Services, Investment, Technical Barriers to Trade, and Regulatory Cooperation. Informed by the result of their work, Parties will make a determination of how to proceed to address all remaining areas.

A Steering Committee of Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil are leading provincial and territorial Ministers in this work. Premiers remain committed to an ambitious plan to address barriers in Canada and to complete a comprehensive renewal of the AIT by March 2016.


Premiers work together to strengthen Canada’s future prosperity
July 17, 2015

Premiers will lead comprehensive renewal of Agreement on Internal Trade
August 29, 2014